viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014


Yes, weekend is almost here...yes, I don’t work but I still  get happy when is Friday or at least when I know that is Friday, because there are some days that I’m not aware or  not even know what date of the week is.
Just in love with Aurora :) 

 Apple Pie...I have this recipe since long time...when online access was not so easy...I used to get a bunch(maybe only 4 o 5) recipes on the mail every month...maybe more than 20 years...ok I exaggerate a little bit...maybe less years... 19?  :)
Working on some boots for Gina’s baby...I have a baby shower this coming weekend and I have to make a mobil for the baby and I haven’t start it yet. :(

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014


Happy that I finished and most of all that I didn’t take a lot of time to finish this project...hat is for a newborn to 3 months and hopefully Mary Jane shoes too...the problem is that the delivery day is in August and is hot...Oh well the thought is what it counts ?

Hat...I learned how to crochet hats on youtube and also have a chart (hat sizes) on my pinterest account  :)

the shoes found  on Youtube (and like always did not follow instructions or material just the hook) 

martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Monday….last Monday of May

My weekend was long but not long enough to make stuff…it was, museum and ice cream…the last one was the best part :) ok museum and church too…I was able to expend time with my niece and her son, and have some chit chat and drink some mexican mocha from Viento y Agua coffee shop…the best of the best…at least for me…and here are some photos…sharing  is caring  right?
At MOLAA with my niece, we went to see: FRIDA KAHLO, HER PHOTOS

Finally got the last issue of Kinfolk magazine and also wrap a little gift.

Aurora and I have the same sandals…well! similar not the same brand…Aurora’s sandals got it from my habit and mine from amazon(marca patio) not the real Avarcas Pons :(

Barnes and Noble our favorite place :)

Working on these…newborn hat and Mary Jane shoes?

viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Long Weekend!

Friday! I feel lazy is that normal? I finished my cupcakes toppers yesterday and I’m ok….is not the best but para el santo que es y los milagros que hace ! sorry I mix my Spanish and English but…I do not know any expression in English…my mom used to say lots of expressions(dichos) in Spanish and I learned a lot just to listening to her for 25 years…now, thats one way that I remember my mom everyday and put a big of smile in my face…anyway I just want to share the final product…not really the final because I need to bake the mini cupcakes….hopefully I won’t forget and share another photo in the near future :)

I wonder..what caught her attention?????

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Working on?

Working on the cupcake toppers…yes I made my decision a few seconds  ago :) and missing the mouth another decision to make…how big, color and bla bla bla.

My table is a mess as you can see :(

Aurora’s Dad Paint this Mural and we took a picture together…similar sandals…I need new ones to match with Aurora :)

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday! almost Memorial weekend….and the end of May…time is passing so fast that I just can’t keep up…finally finished the mobil that I started on ??? first I didn’t have all the material…than I start something else…I have a baby shower on June 7th and want to make mini cupcakes and trying to make the toppers but I haven’t decide,  if is going to be cupcakes or cake pops? also I was trying to make another mobil,  but I guess I just going to buy a gift card…because I asked the mom about the colors and little animals on the mobil and no answer (it can be... I don’t like what you do or I don’t want you to bother ) is for a family member and we have different taste…from my sister side I’m weird and from  my oldest brother I’m the cool and creative aunt or  at least to my niece Letty.
I bought a book on a Japanese store and also long ago I saw an add from Gap and of course love the little boat so that’t why I made this…hopefully I will sell it one day.

Traced the little sea animals for the cupcakes or cake pops..what a dilemma :|
found this on google(coloring pages)
Tacos that I made on Friday…chile poblano and potatoes…queso fresco and the recipe is just simple…I had some tacos at La Loteria (farmer’s market at the Grove) and since than I said I can make this and I did…onions, garlic, chile poblano, potatoes and bla, bla and more bla.
We went shopping for shorts and we found this Triceratops at Cerritos Mall.

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Weather is so hot!

Is really hot here in CA, we are trying to stay cool inside…yesterday I took this picture…first time wearing her sandals….I do not know if all kids go thru stages…I wish Aurora had a manual in order for me to understand her  and be a better mom…she doesn’t want to wear short sleeve, dresses, shorts or sandals...what is going on with this little girl? 

Love her smile

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014


Today is really hot here and I baked empanadas…you may think she’s crazy and yes but just a little bit…and really happy ??? the empanadas came out so good not burned just perfect…last time the empanadas were burned and over cook…you can imagine the taste…I make this empanadas once a year…the process of the inside(almond, milk, vanilla bean, egg yolks and sugar) takes for ever to cook you have to spend 2 to 3 hours till you have a tick paste( plus you need to whisk up(batir) otherwise it will get burn)…that’s the only reason I make it once a year…the recipe is from Aurora’s Grandma (family recipe) if you want a challenge just ask I will give you the recipe. :)

The photos not so good but the inside of the empanada really good :)

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Empanadas de dulce de leche

My little girl helping to make dulce de leche empanadas :)

 We are going to visit a friend and maybe my sister, that’t a good reason to make empanadas right?  and make other people fat…jk the empanadas are fat free :) 

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Before I forget?

Need to buy a need iPod or need to use my camera in order to take better pictures….? bad picture or we have a grumpy kitty ? finished and the link where to find this free pattern is :

Need to finish stuff and need to find creativity :)

Finished? necesito cortar el hilo…un regalito para mi madrina en el dia de las madres…igual que el que puse antes solo que mas corto y con broches :)

Trabajando en este mobil pero tengo que hacer un viaje a la tienda  Michaels para comprar material azul 

Comiendo helado…no me desconcentres 

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

Haciendo mil cosas al mismo tiempo…bueno ni tanto :)

Making Mother’s day cards and trying to have fun too.

Love it…because it has her little hand..found this idea on google.

Trying to finish this for a gift…found this at:

is really hot here in California….sorprendida que Aurora quiso posar para la foto del recuerdo…muy grande para ella y no quede totalmente contenta con el producto…tal vez si hubiera seguido los colores de me hubiese gustado ???