martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Monday….last Monday of May

My weekend was long but not long enough to make stuff…it was, museum and ice cream…the last one was the best part :) ok museum and church too…I was able to expend time with my niece and her son, and have some chit chat and drink some mexican mocha from Viento y Agua coffee shop…the best of the best…at least for me…and here are some photos…sharing  is caring  right?
At MOLAA with my niece, we went to see: FRIDA KAHLO, HER PHOTOS

Finally got the last issue of Kinfolk magazine and also wrap a little gift.

Aurora and I have the same sandals…well! similar not the same brand…Aurora’s sandals got it from my habit and mine from amazon(marca patio) not the real Avarcas Pons :(

Barnes and Noble our favorite place :)

Working on these…newborn hat and Mary Jane shoes?

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