lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday! almost Memorial weekend….and the end of May…time is passing so fast that I just can’t keep up…finally finished the mobil that I started on ??? first I didn’t have all the material…than I start something else…I have a baby shower on June 7th and want to make mini cupcakes and trying to make the toppers but I haven’t decide,  if is going to be cupcakes or cake pops? also I was trying to make another mobil,  but I guess I just going to buy a gift card…because I asked the mom about the colors and little animals on the mobil and no answer (it can be... I don’t like what you do or I don’t want you to bother ) is for a family member and we have different taste…from my sister side I’m weird and from  my oldest brother I’m the cool and creative aunt or  at least to my niece Letty.
I bought a book on a Japanese store and also long ago I saw an add from Gap and of course love the little boat so that’t why I made this…hopefully I will sell it one day.

Traced the little sea animals for the cupcakes or cake pops..what a dilemma :|
found this on google(coloring pages)
Tacos that I made on Friday…chile poblano and potatoes…queso fresco and the recipe is just simple…I had some tacos at La Loteria (farmer’s market at the Grove) and since than I said I can make this and I did…onions, garlic, chile poblano, potatoes and bla, bla and more bla.
We went shopping for shorts and we found this Triceratops at Cerritos Mall.

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