lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Finger puppets!

Cuando fue la ultima vez que estuve por acá? como se va el tiempo de rápido, ya casi llega el cumple de Aurora y no tengo planeado nada ya que solo iríamos a disney, pero como dice el dicho cuéntale tus planes a dios para que se ría un rato o quieres hacer reír a dios, cuéntale tus planes o algo así ...los padrinos bienes a pasar el cumple de la ahijada y sin planear nada me imagino que solo un pastel y un tentempié como dice su abuelito :) hoy me puse a hacer unos finger puppets...pensando que tal vez si llego a dar bolsitas para los niños al menos tengan algo divertido ????
El patron de el tamano del dedo lo saque del a mi se me hace muy grande asi que le cosi de los lados para que quedara un poquito mas apretado....solo el dedo y la idea del pollo y el perro de google y el extraterrestre de un libro de colorear de Aurora y la mascara de Blue Demon creo que ese es ??? de en realidad era un muneco de fieltro pero yo solo hice la cara para que fuera un finger puppet :) 

Dios mio...porque tengo que posar? :)
Estoy trabajando en esto también...tan pronto lo termine les paso la pagina ya que ahorita no la tengo a la mano pero parece que es crochet and play :)
Fuimos al zoologico de LA la semana pasada y por eso no me meti al blog ??? después de todo...quien carajos me sigue? yo no se si tengo 3 o es mi imaginación?  :) lol
Un elefante se columpiaba sobre la tela de la lalalalal! 

Rumbo a casita y explorando la naturaleza :)

miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

Under the sea fish tank

Después de tanto tiempo ya termine la pecera de Aurora, no se si le gusto...ella dice que si pero yo vi que le hecho ojo a los cheerios que le puse :)
 Use carton, cheerios, figuras del internet, cartulina, pistola y silicon

Palitos para mover el cafe y los palitos que se usan para hacer pinchos, los animales se pueden subir y bajar :)
Ayer fui a visitar a mi hermano, a mi comadre y a mi sobrino....mi hermano por el dia del padre le hice la tarjeta con el cafe, a mi comadre el regalo amarillo con rayas y el de mi sobrino como fue su 
graduacion y no fue le regale una tarjeta.

Aurora con su sonrisa colgate :)

lunes, 16 de junio de 2014


Hace mucho empece con esto y cada vez que mi hija mira la caja me dice aun no terminas mi pecera mama? así que decidí terminarla...o medio terminarla así que espero poner una foto esta semana.

Under the sea, under the sea lalalala!

Va a hacer el cumple de mi nina así que esta fue la envoltura del regalo

Esta es la tarjeta que llevaba el regalo

Estos animalitos los compramos en skirball y me encantan y queria compartir :) 

Compartiendo una foto de mi hija, los lentes los baje de: 

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

June 10th?

Wow is almost father’s day and since my dad is in Mexico, I don’t have to worry???? I have a brother here and need to make something for him...a card maybe and a gift gifts for him, he’s picky ??? also need to make a card for Aurora’s dad...and my nina’s birthday is the 16th so I have lots of cards to do...need to find some ideas on Pinterest...I will make sure to take pictures :)

Aurora ask me for a jellyfish and here is the finished product also today she ask me for an apple and the apple pattern I got it from: it was a long time ago that I print the pattern,  sorry for not putting the link.... and the jellyfish from:
most of the times I used felt because is easier to work with.
I posted a picture yesterday and I change my mind after seeing the picture.

An apple a day keeps Aurora awake :) 


More cute, just look at her face :)

Aurora asked me to make a crown for Clifford....a crown? why? because is his Birthday she said, and then you can see how many I did...I’m glad that we had some paint cardboard from yesterday’s project :)
just in love with my little girl

Cookie talking to Lula, and kunkun looks sad....???

Ready for the picture :) 
one more pose (Kunkun)

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Oh Monday Monday!

Monday again and I’m glad the baby shower past already...finished everything but I guess a little bit disapointed  the mom did not say thank you or wow is cute(just a fake wow at least) anyway, I have mentioned before, that we don’t have the same taste...o well is my family but I guess we are so different...not her, she is my nephew’s girlfriend...but still different :/ here are some photos of the work I did.
I also made a turtle for the baby (soft toy) same as the one on the mobile...did I get a thank you? is sad, but I guess it is what it is ?  lol.

Under the sea mobile 

I closer look :)

My mini cupcakes...I spend time cutting and putting all these together  and only my nieces from my brother side like them :(

I got 3 body shirts for $4.99 at ross (carter’s) and only had time to sew one...glad I did only one.

I cut the invitation from the shower and  made my card

Horse or donkey?

I don’t know if is a donkey or a horse? it was going to be a giraffe but since I didn’t like it... I made a horse with toilet paper cardboard and some paper(museum info)

Aurora ask me for a Jellyfish and need to make her  one :)

  Yesterday at Skirball 

viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Baking and trying to finish other stuff!

Wow! Friday already again and I haven’t finish the mobil and tomorrow is the baby shower :( and today I’m baking the mini cupcakes and looking for recipes is not fun at see all the pretty stuff and I get disappoint it with my stuff( cupcakes) I made chocolate and vanilla...and let me tell you is not fun...the vanilla it didn’t came the way I want it to...they are too flat or maybe is a good thing because I’m going to decorate the cupcakes...just frosting and I little bit of sprinkles....let cross fingers and everything will be  the way I or it suppose to be :) I got the vanilla recipe from:

Chocolate mini cupcakes recipe??? I made it from the box...and made some adjustments lol
1 box Duncan Hines chocolate
1 box of instant chocolate pudding
1/2 cup of oil
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
4 eggs
3 to 4 small spoons of sour cream
my cupcakes are good but I think is missing a little bit of something...I have to figure it out...or maybe they’re just perfect :) the taste is good, but I think the vanilla ones taste better plus I add a tea spoon of vanilla flavor( maybe thats the reason of flatness?) ....I need to go to the store and buy another box and make more vanilla time I will stick with my pretzels.

 Aurora always wants to help :)

Maybe I need to give the recipe another chance? (vanilla cupcakes) 

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

June 3rd already!

I just can’t believe we are in June already...time is passing so fast or is just me? I wonder, wonder?...anyway this weekend I have a baby shower for my nephew’s girlfriend...going for the second kid :) and me here working on a rush to finish or at least trying to finish a are some pictures of what I have been doing last month and this month...I started a little bootie but did not like it so I just finish or semi-finish only again are bad...sorry one of this days I’m going to use my camera  :)

Working on! :|

Little bootie that didn’t like it...maybe because did not follow the instructions from

Sunday at California Science Museum ( after church)

Saturday at IKEA...Aurora got crazy and asked for more Kunkuns(she has the same dog and that’s how she name her dog or stuff animal...she owns 5 already and takes her dog everywhere :) is this normal???? lol

 Aurora playing with her we just did some drawing and taraaaaan a new stove...I wish I can just do that too.