martes, 10 de junio de 2014

June 10th?

Wow is almost father’s day and since my dad is in Mexico, I don’t have to worry???? I have a brother here and need to make something for him...a card maybe and a gift gifts for him, he’s picky ??? also need to make a card for Aurora’s dad...and my nina’s birthday is the 16th so I have lots of cards to do...need to find some ideas on Pinterest...I will make sure to take pictures :)

Aurora ask me for a jellyfish and here is the finished product also today she ask me for an apple and the apple pattern I got it from: it was a long time ago that I print the pattern,  sorry for not putting the link.... and the jellyfish from:
most of the times I used felt because is easier to work with.
I posted a picture yesterday and I change my mind after seeing the picture.

An apple a day keeps Aurora awake :) 


More cute, just look at her face :)

Aurora asked me to make a crown for Clifford....a crown? why? because is his Birthday she said, and then you can see how many I did...I’m glad that we had some paint cardboard from yesterday’s project :)
just in love with my little girl

Cookie talking to Lula, and kunkun looks sad....???

Ready for the picture :) 
one more pose (Kunkun)

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