lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Oh Monday Monday!

Monday again and I’m glad the baby shower past already...finished everything but I guess a little bit disapointed  the mom did not say thank you or wow is cute(just a fake wow at least) anyway, I have mentioned before, that we don’t have the same taste...o well is my family but I guess we are so different...not her, she is my nephew’s girlfriend...but still different :/ here are some photos of the work I did.
I also made a turtle for the baby (soft toy) same as the one on the mobile...did I get a thank you? is sad, but I guess it is what it is ?  lol.

Under the sea mobile 

I closer look :)

My mini cupcakes...I spend time cutting and putting all these together  and only my nieces from my brother side like them :(

I got 3 body shirts for $4.99 at ross (carter’s) and only had time to sew one...glad I did only one.

I cut the invitation from the shower and  made my card

Horse or donkey?

I don’t know if is a donkey or a horse? it was going to be a giraffe but since I didn’t like it... I made a horse with toilet paper cardboard and some paper(museum info)

Aurora ask me for a Jellyfish and need to make her  one :)

  Yesterday at Skirball 

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