martes, 3 de junio de 2014

June 3rd already!

I just can’t believe we are in June already...time is passing so fast or is just me? I wonder, wonder?...anyway this weekend I have a baby shower for my nephew’s girlfriend...going for the second kid :) and me here working on a rush to finish or at least trying to finish a are some pictures of what I have been doing last month and this month...I started a little bootie but did not like it so I just finish or semi-finish only again are bad...sorry one of this days I’m going to use my camera  :)

Working on! :|

Little bootie that didn’t like it...maybe because did not follow the instructions from

Sunday at California Science Museum ( after church)

Saturday at IKEA...Aurora got crazy and asked for more Kunkuns(she has the same dog and that’s how she name her dog or stuff animal...she owns 5 already and takes her dog everywhere :) is this normal???? lol

 Aurora playing with her we just did some drawing and taraaaaan a new stove...I wish I can just do that too.

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